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You are a corporate athlete. You stretch your mind and body, just the way Federer or Messi or Saina does, to deliver top-notch performance, all the time. To consistently sustain high performance, you too need a mentor and coach, to guide and inspire you.

Sustaining High Performance

Sustaining High Performance

Just as Glen Mills works with Usain Bolt, or Boris Becker with Djokovic, your Zeus Mentor Coach works with you one-on-one. First your mentor assesses your current situation and your aspirations, then he assesses your full potential and then works with you to achieve and sustain high performance.

Learning From Sports & Positive Psychology

Learning From Sports and Positive Psychology

Zeus Mentor Coaches draw their inspiration from mentoring and coaching in Sports at the highest levels and Positive Psychology, which leverages scientific understanding to aid performance and achievement.

At Zeus Mentors - Mentoring and Coaching (MnC) is CUSTOMISED to YOU; where you are now, where you aspire to get to in the future and how you leverage your innate potential, to get there.

Every Zeus Mentor Coach has been a successful corporate athlete, someone who has successfully made it to the very top, on merit. Someone with firsthand knowledge on how and what top management looks for in talent.

The Real Enemy of High Performance

The Challenge of High Performance

High Performance is hard. And sustained high performance is even harder. Your Zeus Mentor Coach knows this only too well. That is why the emphasis on choosing an approach that is aligned specifically to you- your mind, your heart and your body.

Research shows that the real enemy of high performance is not the stress but absence of disciplined recovery. Stress without recovery depletes, leads to burnout, and ultimately impairs performance. Insights like these provided by coaches and mentors power the likes of Hamilton or Kohli or Serena to deliver sustained high performance.

At Zeus Mentors, our aim is to mentor and coach corporate athletes like you to utilise your full range of innate talents to thrive even in difficult and stressful business environment and emerge stronger, healthier, and eager for the next challenge.

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