What is Mentoring and Coaching?

Both mentoring and coaching are processes that enable individuals to realise their full potential. mentoring and coaching are similar in many ways. Both focus on needs, motivations, aspirations, skills and mental models, to assist individuals in making real, lasting change, choosing the change they wish to make and making the chosen change. Both maintain unquestioned positive respect for the client, and are therefore at all times supportive and non-judgemental.
The key difference is mentoring tends to be somewhat prescriptive, while coaching tends to be suggestive and evocative.
Depending on the situation and client’s urgency Zeus Mentor Coach modulate the balance between mentoring and coaching.

Is mentoring and coaching for me?

Mentoring and coaching can greatly help in addressing here and now top-of-the-mind issues as well as long-term career building.
Some typical here and now questions it can help resolve are:

  • I have just got the assignment that I wanted! What all should I do to make a success of it?
  • My career is on the right track. My family is well set. How do I find time for both work and family.
  • My organisation has just been through a big change. How do I adapt quickly?
  • I have just moved to a new country. How do I understand local work culture and become effective, quickly?

Mentoring and coaching could be equally effective in resolving long-term professional development issues such as:

  • How should I build my career? As a functional specialist OR as a generalist?
  • How could I continuously learn critical job skills for long term career growth?
  • How can mentoring & coaching supplement the Training & Development investments, my organization is making on me?

However, if an individual is actively seeking an alternate job or grappling with a purely personal challenge, mentoring and coaching are not the appropriate choices.

Why Zeus Mentoring and Coaching (MnC)?

Zeus Mentoring and Coaching (MnC) is very focused on – Your Career, Your Performance, Your Future

  • Zeus Mentors is strictly a ONE on ONE – customised mentoring and coaching SERVICE
  • Practical and Convenient – Telephone coaching

  • Every Zeus Mentor Coach has the track record of being a successful corporate athlete. After all doesn't Saina Nehwal deserve a Vimal Kumar?
  • A Get-To-Know-Each-Other (GTKEO) meeting, prior to committing any fees
What exactly happens in Mentoring and Coaching?

Mentoring and Coaching focus on needs, motivations, aspirations, skills and mental models, to enable individuals in making real, lasting change; choosing the change they wish to make and making the chosen change.

The process typically begins with the questions:

  • Where do you want to get to and why?
  • What are the different ways you can get there?
  • Which route(s) fit your native talents best?
  • What added competencies do you need to build? And, how do you do that?

It is around these questions, your Zeus Mentor Coach develops a mentoring and coaching program, specifically for you.

The process of making the change has it’s own challenges, and your Zeus Mentor Coach would be sensitive to the challenges along the way; physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual.

Where and how often do we meet?

You meet your Zeus Mentor Coach, over telephone or Skype, from the convenience of your home or office.

Frequency would be decided by you and your Zeus Mentor Coach - at the end of each session; key considerations are usually the actions to be completed prior to the next meeting.

Six to nine sessions with an average gap of about 4 weeks between sessions, would be typical.

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