How it Works

Begin your journey with your chosen Zeus Mentor Coach. Start with a specific challenge either

Top-of-the-mind issues such as:

I have just got the assignment that I wanted! What can I do to make a big success of it?

I have just been promoted. How do I deal with peers who have now become subordinates?

I have been offered a great new assignment. But it is at different location. Should I move my family?

I / My organisation has been through a big change. How do I adapt to the new situation?

I often collaborate with colleagues from different countries. People who I have never met! How do I understand them & respond?

Long-term development issues like:

How can I continuously learn critical job skills for long-term career growth?

I am strong on 'Tech' and I have a 'Tech Role'. As I get promoted, expectations from me as a 'people manager' are growing. How do I prepare for this?

How should I build my career? As a functional specialist OR as a generalist?

I am getting an alternate career path in my company. Which of my present skills are transportable? What new skills would I need?

I need to grow, but the current opportunities/structure in the Organization, do not provide near time visibility. What do I do?

Situations such as the above are well addressed through Mentoring and Coaching (MnC).

Step 1

Scan the panel of Zeus Mentor Coaches. Go through their profiles. You will see that every one of them has the track record of a successful corporate athlete. Choose based on your personal preferences and gut feel.

Fill up the online form and send a request for GTKEO (Get To Know Each Other) meeting.

Step 2

Have a one-on-one tele meeting with your chosen Zeus Mentor Coach. Get To Know Each Other. Get to understand how mentoring and coaching can add value to your career.

Step 3

Get started by making payment for ONE module of 3 sessions; each session of 60 minutes.

Are there situations where mentoring and coaching are inappropriate?

Yes. For example, where an individual is seeking an alternate job or grappling with a purely personal challenge, mentoring and coaching may not be appropriate. Search firms and personal counselling agencies may be more appropriate.

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