Our Approach

Where do you want to get to? What are the different ways you can get there? Which route(s) fit your native talents best? What added competencies do you need to build? And, how do you do that? These would be the questions around which your Zeus Mentor Coach develops a Mentoring and Coaching (MnC) program, specifically for you.

Your Zeus Mentor Coach would be sensitive to the challenges along the way; physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual. And as in the case of a sports coach, your Zeus Mentor Coach would be with you every step of the way; building your self confidence, motivating you to stay the course, guiding you in acquiring skills and building competencies, making appropriate choices, and attaining your chosen goal.

You could initiate your Mentoring and Coaching (MnC) journey with a Here and Now challenge and then build it to develop a long term career plan for yourself. Your Zeus Mentor Coach, would be there with you, right through.

Your Zeus Mentor Coach is conscious of how much more value, work-life balance can bring to professional lives. And, underlying the Mentoring and Coaching (MnC), he designs for you, would be your work-life balance, your energy management for sustaining energised performance for long periods.

Work-Life Balance

We all instinctively know that our body is our fundamental source of energy, and we have only one of it! Your Zeus Mentor Coach would encourage and support you in conserving this source of energy thereby securing the foundation to build your skills and competencies as a corporate athlete.

Next, is your emotional capacity that comes from your inner environment. Positive emotions ignite your energies and enable high performance, negative emotions drain and dampen. Your Zeus Mentor Coach will help you in becoming aware and conscious of your own emotions, so that you can create an enabling inner environment.

And then comes your mental capacities; specific focus, time management, positive and critical-thinking skills which are vital for directing physical and emotional energy on the challenges at hand. Here too your Zeus Mentor Coach would support you in practising and developing requisite competencies.

And finally your spiritual capacity which you can unleash by tapping into your deepest values and by developing your own sense of purpose. Your Zeus Mentor Coach will help you open up this powerful source of sustained motivation, determination, and endurance.

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