Everybody needs a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction at some point in life, including mentors. Mentoring has never failed to maximize human potential. At ZeusIn we believe that mentors too thrive when mentored. Our Internal Mentoring Program is aimed at mentors within an organization, to help them find the best in themselves as mentors and thereby contribute to the organization’s goals.

ZeusIn Approach for MfM (Mentor for Mentors)

ZeusIn offers 3 modules that clients can opt for:

Module 1: Validation

Organizations could share a list of potential Internal Mentors with ZeusIn for validation. ZeusIn will then provide the final shortlist of potentials to the organization. Many a time the entire list of potentials would not be potentials.

Module 2: Orientation

A Mentor Orientation Program is initiated post selection of potential Internal Mentors by an organization. This is followed by pairing with the Zeus Mentor Coaches.

Module 3: 6-month Engagement

The engagement that ensues between Internal Mentors and Zeus Mentor Coaches will facilitate one telephonic session per month, for 6 months.

Module 4: Quarterly Workshops

There would also be Quarterly Experiential Leadership Programmes for Internal Mentors where programs will be addressed and delivered by various Zeus Mentor Coaches. Know more

Value Adds

Quarterly Experiential Workshops will dwell on valuable business / leadership attributes and knowledge common and relevant to both individual Internal Mentors and mentee success. The key take away will be the qualitative enhancement in the personal capacities and output of the Internal Mentors which will have a cascading effect down the line. This workshop will also contribute to the overall enhancement in attitude and spirit within the organization.

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